What is Arts Alive! Home & Garden Festival?

Home & Garden Festival is a gathering of businesses from our regional community, Member Organizations of the Arts Council, and local artists. They all come together under one very large roof to provide education on creating a better home, a beautiful garden… and enriching our lives through art. Vendors come to this event from Wichita Falls and the surrounding region to present their products and services. Member Organizations explain the services they provide to create a wonderful quality of life. Artists present their talents and accomplishments to show that art is available to our entire community.

This festival thrives on the combined effort of committee members, volunteers, non-profit organizations, and our community.  The Arts Alive! Home & Garden Festival makes it possible for the Kemp Center for the Arts to offer our community art galleries, classes for all ages, and youth camp programs.

2019 Ticket Purchase Locations

Purchasing your tickets through these organizations also helps to support and sponsor their activities!


The iphone iOS 11 or above reads QR codes using the built in camera app. Otherwise, in order to read QR Codes with your mobile device you will need to install an app. Once you have installed the app and it is running simply look at the QR Code with your device and then follow the link that should appear. (Example festival QR link: http://bit.ly/2RgXPXX )

How Do I Become A Vendor At The Show?

Vendor space is very limited, so it’s best to book your space as soon as possible.
Please contact Nancy (assistant@artscouncilwf.org or 940-767-2787) at the Kemp Center for further information.